Na Wili Hana

Na Wili Hana or “spiraling of many” refers to our Business Connection Program. In order to pursue our mission to develop a highly competitive workforce in Hawaii, HIWEDO focuses on connecting business resources. We partner and collaborate with various local businesses, organizations and other private & government entities, in order to provide educational workshops, seminars, events and conferences statewide. HIWEDO can cover a wide range of topics within almost every industry in Hawaii, as our main purpose is to improve workforce and economic development through education. Plus, since we are a non-profit agency, our cost to coordinate workshops are just a fraction of what you might pay elsewhere!

See below for a few of the workshops/seminars that HIWEDO has coordinated in the past. For upcoming events, please see “What’s New” or visit our Calendar!

If your business, organization or government agency is in need of a informational and/or training workshop, HIWEDO may be able to help. Contact us today!

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