About Us

HIWEDO slider images - collageV2Aloha! The Hawaii Island Workforce and Economic Development Ohana (HIWEDO) is a private non-profit established in 2005. The organization’s purpose is to facilitate the establishment of a workforce development system that will respond proactively to the divergent employment and training needs of the State, by building community collaboration and by expanding financial resources to improve the economic prosperity of business, workers and communities.

The Hawaii Island Workforce and Economic Development Ohana (HIWEDO):

  • Bridges Economic and Workforce Development through collaboration with government and private agencies and businesses to develop long-term plans, directives and solutions for employment for innovative ideas, spurring community-based economic development.
  • Identifies New and Emerging Industries and their workforce needs and strategies to address barriers to employment for individuals.
  • Promotes Employment Opportunities and Economic Development through workforce training and education in Hawaii. We partner and collaborate with various government and private entities to assist individuals to become self-sufficient.
  • Creates Infrastructure for Organizations by providing fiscal control, contracting and monitoring services, as well as technical and administrative support.
  • Seeks Grant Funding and accepts private and corporate donations to support the work of the workforce development system within the County and State of Hawaii.

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HIWEDO is uniquely qualified to administer federal funds as well as provide the administrative, fiscal and contractual mechanisms to accept and manage non-federal funding.  We have administered and successfully managed a number of Request for Proposals (RFP) for Hawai’i County, the State of Hawai’i and the Federal Government.